A Time to Reflect

Today as I sat at work wataching the blowing snow and having very little to do, I began to think of all the things with which we are blessed. Even though we had a very slim attendance of visitors at the fort this passed weekend, we had each others company and delicious food and fellowship. We have a place where we all can come and enjoy the privilege of sharing our story with people of all walks of life and age. Many of you can remember a day when time spent at the fort was not all that rosy. I am relieved and overjoyed that it is fun once again to see muster time roll around each month at the fort.

I also began to think of those in our little association of friends that need our support by lifting them up to the Almighty. Colonel McCroskey fought pain and discomfort all weekend to be at the Old Christmas Muster, and I couldn’t help but notice when Mike Coon would frown with pain in his feet and legs. Some of our friends attend these gatherings despite many ailments, many of which we never know of.  We are blessed with dedicated people. Also Captain Taylor is expecting his first grandchild. I talked with him just today and he asked that everyone remember his family as they welcome the newest member into the fold. Some of our members and including family of some members are very ill and face difficult times ahead. Please keep all of these people, both spoken and unspoken, in your thoughts and prayers.

Let’s pray that 2011 will be a healthy and prosperous year not only for our group but for our nation and our leaders as well. I am truly blessed to be associated with the Washington County Militia. This is a fine group of people and I am proud to serve you all as an officer. Even though I fail daily I remain humbled and honored with the trust placed in me. I hope I serve you well. Thank you and God bless you all.


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